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Meet the European mama (English)

Hello, Hallo, Buon giorno European mummies,

Let’s try the Shakespeare language for once! I take the opportunity to introduce you to one new European mum blogger : Olga Mecking aka European mama. Olga was born in Poland, she lived in Germany where she met her German husband. They live in the Netherlands for 6 years now with their three trilingual children !

Indeed the children are fluent in German, Polish and Dutch.They are 6, 4 and 2 years old.

Olga is a writer and she started her blog after she met a « witch » in the street… A Dutch woman called the police after she saw Olga trying to calm her daughter down. There was some kind of cultural shock…that pushed her to write about her experience of being a Mom in another European country. That is how European mama was born.

Olga whom I met only on-line, has kindly answered to a few questions. So I am thrilled to say she is my first interviewee in English. Thanks a lot to her for her trust.

Sandra : Tell us in a few words more about you: name, age, number of children and their age, what you do as a job, and anything else you would like to share.

Olga: My name is Olga, I’m 33, I am a writer. I have three kids aged 3,5 and 6.

S: What is your daily life as a Mum?

O: I get up at 7am, get the children ready for school. They take the bus, but for everything else we either walk or take public transport. On the weekends we go for long walks on the beach or in the forest. My son goes to daycare in the afternoons except for Wednesdays.

S: Your family organisation on the food shopping, cooking, cleaning: who does what and when.

O: I usually do everything, but we have a cleaner who comes in every week and my husband often does grocery shopping.

S: Where do the children go when you are away for work? How did you choose this?

O: The girls are at school (from 8.45- 3pm) and my son goes to daycare 4 afternoons a week. We chose it based on accessibility (just opposite of our house)

S: What are your family favorite freetime activities ?

O: We love going out for walks!

S: What blogs do you read on a daily-basis?

O: Multicultural Kid Blogs, NYT Motherlode, Washington Post on Parenting

S: What are the themes you would like to read about? (education, saving money tips, cooking, statistics, …)

O: Cooking, life abroad as a mom, recipes are always good 😀

If you like to read Olga’s book in English « Dutched up » about being a Mum in Holland, it is available on on-line stores.

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