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Elisavet from Maltamum

Hello, hallo, buon giorno dear European mummies,

Things have been a little up and down lately and I am soooooo late on publishing the interviews of the lovely persons I met. I am happy to introduce you to Elisavet Arkolaki, a woman, mother, entrepreneur that I truly admire. I found her on-line through the network she created in Malta. And, as she was about to give birth to her beautiful baby daughter, she took time to reply to a few questions.

Sandra, Mamansdeurope : Could you introduce yourself?
Elisavet Arkolaki, Maltamum : My name is Elisavet Arkolaki (aka Liza) and I am the mum behind the blog on parenting in Malta and the e-shop . I come from Greece, my husband from Norway, our 3 year old son was born in Malta and our newborn daughter was born in Norway. My love for travelling has made me spend a considerable amount of months/years in France (Erasmus), Malta, Spain, Thailand and Norway. Over the years, I’ve travelled to over 30 countries.

Sandra, Mamansdeurope : When did you decide to create your network Malta Mum?
Elisavet Arkolaki, Maltamum : In July 2013, 3 weeks before our son was born, although I had been thinking about it since I found out I was pregnant and being an expat in Malta.

Sandra Mamansdeurope : Would you describe yourself as a European Mummy?
Elisavet Arkolaki, Maltamum : I guess I am more of a European mummy although I would like to call myself ‘citizen of the world’.

Sandra Mamansdeurope : Could you describe your company and the services you provide?
Elisavet Arkolaki, Maltamum : We are the exclusive retailers of Ergobaby, Thudguard and Juppy products in Malta.

Sandra Mamansdeurope : Did you get any help/support when creating it?
Elisavet Arkolaki, Maltamum : : I have the immense support of my husband, and access to the resources of our family business (All-in Translations

Sandra Mamansdeurope : Do you remember the first order you received? and for what product it was?
Elisavet Arkolaki, Maltamum : It was an Ergobaby 360 carrier.

Sandra Mamansdeurope : Could you describe your best entrepreneurial souvenir?
Elisavet Arkolaki, Maltamum :  Our Ergobaby launch party at the No.1 boutique hotel in Malta, Hotel Juliani. I t was a very proud moment for me to be able to bring to Malta the top ergonomic baby carrier brand.

Sandra Mamansdeurope : How do you organise your working day ?
Elisavet Arkolaki, Maltamum : I don’t. I try to take each day as it comes. Our son goes to playschool for 6 hours, and I usually try to work as much as possible during this time and while the baby is sleeping.

Thanx again Liza for taking the time to share your experience here. I wish you all the best for your companies and a very happy merry first Xmas with your family of four 🙂

Photo : credit to Elisavet Arkolaki


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