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Grace de baby box Ireland

Hello, hallo, buon giorno dear European mummies,

first of all, I wis you all a warm and joyful happy New Year ! Thanx for reading the blog, being part of the community and sharing all your useful comments here, on twitter and Instagram and Facebook.

I am glad to start this new year with the interview of an Irish mum, Grace from Baby box Ireland. As you may know, I lived in Dublin for two years in my 20’s and that when I met my two dear friends Manja and Silvia (hi girls, if you read this!)

I’d like to thank Grace who took time to answer my questions at a time she wasn’t feeling so well.

Sandra, Mamans d’Europe : Hello Grace, could you please introduce yourself?
Grace,  Baby box Ireland : I’m Grace, 33years old. I had to give up working in retail over five years ago due to arthritis and fibromyalgia. I was trying to find some way to get back to work and mixing with people at my own pace when I discovered the amazing Baby Boxes taking the world by storm and was desperate to get involved.
Sandra, Mamans d’Europe: When did you decide to create your company?
Grace, Baby box Ireland : It was march of 2016 when I saw an article on BBC website about how babies worldwide are now sleeping in boxes. I loved the simplicity of the idea and when I realised the Finland had one of the lowest infant mortality rates worldwide I had to know more. I read up about the boxes and thought about manufacturing them in Ireland but this proved far too costly and ineffective. I approached a company in America that provide the only safe certified box worldwide. I also wanted to add some items to the box that would include some things that were required on the lists for hospitals for new mothers. We provide hand knitted cardigans, water wipes, thermometers, and those newborn essentials, body suits, caps & scratch mitts, etc.
Sandra, Mamans d’Europe : What do you like about your products/services?
Grace, Baby box Ireland : I love these boxes as they take the worry and hassle away for new parents. They provide an equal start for all babies at a very affordable price, and they are believed to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. They are very portable for new mothers, and suitable for day trips, providing safe sleep for baby anywhere.
Sandra, Mamans d’Europe : Where do you ship?
Grace, Baby box Ireland : At present we ship to Ireland, Northern Ireland and England. We will ship to other countries where we can as long as its time and cost effective for our customers.
Sandra, Mamans d’Europe : How do Irish parents react to the idea? 
Grace, Baby box Ireland : The reaction has been hugely positive. Some people find it strange that it’s a box but once they see how lovely it is and learn how it provides safe sleep for baby, they love the simplicity of it. 
Sandra, Mamans d’Europe:  What is the next goal for your company?
Grace, Baby box Ireland : I want to get more exposure to as many new parents as possible. We are also partnered with Temple Street Foundation, they do amazing work for some of the most sick and vulnerable babies and children in Ireland that are treated in Temple Street Hospital in Dublin. A donation is made to this foundation for each box we sell, so I would love to see this grow and help them as much as possible.


Picture : credit to Baby box Ireland

I wish Grace a successful year in developping her business. And you, did you know the sleeping boxes the use in Finland? Would you let your babies sleep in a box? Let us know !

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