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Feeling Danish lately

Hello, hallo, buon giorno my dear European mothers,

I have to say this is a special day for me today as I turn 35. I am sitting at my desk in the coworking space I share with incredible people and I feel fulfilled.

I wanted to write this article a few days ago to tell you why I am feeling danish lately. I read the excellent « Book of Hygge », written by Meik Wiking, who shares the meaning of hygge in Denmark and how to recreate it anywhere else in the world.

Hygge needs to be pronounced « hou-gga » means enjoying the moment, creating a comforting atmosphere and relax alone or with others. I have to say I am inspired by the nordic lifestyle for a couple of years now. It all started with my stay in Germany as an Erasmus student where I noticed how confortable the cafés are. People pay attention to what is called « Gemütlichkeit ». It’s true the coffee tastes always better in a beautiful mug, sitting in a comfy chair, looking at a beautifully decorated interior.


Then a couple of years later I went to Amsterdam, there was again a strong attention on details in cafés. Blankets available on armchairs outdoor, candles, flowers. It was really nice to sit and write my travelling journal in this atmosphere.

In Berlin, I still remember the beauty of Anna Blume’s brunch, served with care by a smiling waitress. The way the fruits were cut and the light on the magnificent tiled-walls. It felt unique. A unique memory.

In the book I mentionned, the author stretches on the well being, and let’s say the word, happiness that « hygge » brings. I bought a beautiful candle holder in glass in Stockholm a few years ago. And every time I light a candle, it instantly brings me back to this first trip with my now husband.

The happiness has also a dark side and Meik Wiking gave an inspirational talk for TED you can watch here :

Now, the book gave me the envy to know more about Denmark, the happiest country in the world according statistics. I found out through the Transition Network a number of inspiring entrepreneurs I will be happy to tell you more about very soon : Frédéric Hamburger from Løs Market (picture below) and Signe Voltelen from Frø.


And you, what are your way of creating a cosy atmosphere?  A candle ? share your tips with me!


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