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Living in the red zone, an Italian Mamma tells her story

Hello, Hallo, Buon giorno dear European Mothers,

This blog article is very special, as I asked my dear Italian friend Silvia to  share her life in the red zone, in Bergamo-Italy.

Thank you, Silvia, for your brave words.

« Sandra asked me to write something about the Italian situation.

I live in the north of Italy, close to Milan. On the 23rd of february for the first time after the WorldWar II the Italian government decided to close school, oratory, sport activity, library …

We are shocked but we thought that it had to last only for two weeks. The situation didn’t get better but worse and since last Saturday (on 7th March) we are in the red zone.

What does red zone mean? Everything is closed excepted the shopping center (unbelievable) and some jobs, you can move outside from your town except for a few reasons: go to work (and you have to carry a special documentation), go to the hospital (for safe life cure), go to help old people or for shop food.

That sounds unbelievable I know. The problem is that we have to slow down the number of sick people because the hospitals are crowded and there is any bed left. They are starting to decide who has more chance to live and who has less.

I don’t really know how it will be Italy when we start again …. some economics say that we will be as in 1945 after the war ….

Our life has changed a lot. Luckily, I’m able to work from home so I can stay with them without babysitter or grandparent’s help.

I’m trying to keep a routine for kids, so I wake up my kids around 9 a.m. After breakfast, they make homework.

The girl, who is attending secondary school, received some videos and homework from teachers. Lucky she has already got a pc just for herself.

The boy, who has 7 years, received homework from the electronic register. He needs help from me for new information (i.e. multiplication tables) but he is doing great!

Till last week, we used to invite friends in the afternoon, but since Sunday they asked to avoid any contact with friends or relatives. That is the worst part from them ….

The positive side is that even if they have 4 years of difference they started to play together a lot, they discover the brotherhood and I’m grateful for that.

I have been living with the fear of the future since the 23rd of February … No fear of the sickness never had, fear of the economic crisis, sad for all the events that my kids are losing (carnival, school trips, birthday parties …) and actually I wonder when it will disappear.

I hope you are not going to live in a red zone and if this happens I really wonder why only Italy ….


Living in the red zone an Italian mamma shares her story



3 réflexions au sujet de “Living in the red zone, an Italian Mamma tells her story”

  1. Bonjour Sandra merci pour ce partage. Mes meilleures pensées à Silvia et aux Italiens. Cette situation nous concerne toutes et tous et nous devrions réfléchir sur le message subtile qu’elle porte. Espérons qu’elle viendra rapidement à sa fin et qu’elle nous laissera un enseignement pratique à mettre en place. Courage à toutes et à tous. Bozena


    1. Merci Bozena, quelle leçon cette crise nous apprend-elle? La santé, l’alimentation, la mondialisation. Nous sommes tous reliés.
      Je suis sûre que tu mets ce temps d’introspection à profit. Hâte de retravailler avec toi à nouveau !


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