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Creative Europe // 3 reasons why you should be at Laval Virtual 18

Hello, hallo, buon giono dear Mums of Europe,

It is almost time to go back to France after my Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs in Brussels. I am so excited to be back right on time for… Laval Virtual 2018. It is the biggest Virtual Reality Conference in the world and it’s just happening next door to where I live from 3rd to 8th of April, in Laval.

Here are the three reasons why you should come too :

  1. Virtual Reality is a hot topic, it is a cool new field mixing new technologies and its uses. You haven’t tried to immerge yourself in a virtual environment, using a mask? I did it last year for the first time and I have to say you should definitely do it and experience it for yourself. You could imagine so many uses of Virtual Reality (VR) like in medicine, industry, culture! There will be amazing speakers like Naomi Roth from Virtuality for Reality who will share her vision on « How immersive experience could affect our choices and behaviour » (April 4th at 12:20).
  2. For the 20th anniversary of the conference, there will be an Art & VR gallery in the city centre (in front of the new castle). There will be 14 amazing world renowned artists who are  exhibiting their artwork right next to the Conference venue. I could only recommend to have a look at the work of Juan and Julio Leparc, father and son « 7 ways of alchemy » / « Hybrid sensorium » from Romanian artist Saint Machine or « A#3 Motu » from Italian artist Gwendaline Bachini mixing dance and virtual art.

Its closing at 9:00pm so you could easily check it out after the conference. On top of that you could have a walk in 7 locations in the city centre to check out other exciting exhibitions. Have a look at the map below.

IN/OFF locations of the Virtual Reality Art gallery in Laval

3. You could connect and develop your network with over 17 700 visitors from all over the world, meet exciting new startups, and get to know more about the European Virtual Reality Tour. A part of the funny (and crazy 🙂 Team of Laval Virtual went on a trip across 22 European countries to meet people working on VR and connect with them.

The Laval Virtual Team travelled across Europe to meet the VR community @Laval Virtual

I hope you enjoyed knowing more about the great edition of Laval Virtual that is about to happen ! You could’nt imagine how creative is the cute rural area of Laval, only an hour and a half from Paris. Let’s meet there soon ! You could find me here on Twitter Here on Facebook and here on Instagram.



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